Essay about The Holocaust: World War Two

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The Holocaust: World War II The Nazis and their collaborators accounted for the execution of over six million Jews in World War II. In 1933 the twenty one countries that Germany would come to occupy as a result of the war, were occupied by nine million Jews. By 1945 two out of three of these Jews were heartlessly executed. Adding to these victims, Hitler targeted social outcasts such as homosexuals, the disabled, and Gypsies. Poles and Slavs were targeted for their labor, and Soviets faced death by the millions as prisoners of war. Still more, political and religious leaders were exterminated because they were seen as threats. The Holocaust was an example of …show more content…
Hitler’s next step was to find a scapegoat for Germany’s post war decline. Wrongly identifying the Jewish religion as a race, Hitler saw them as inferior and spread hateful propaganda to pose Jews as a threat to the German “superior race” (Lewmin, A Cup of Tears: A diary of the Warsaw Ghetto 134). Between the years 1933 and 1935 any clinically diagnosed handicap was involuntarily sterilized by surgery or radiation. Nazis got away with this because they convinced others that the handicap were burdens to society financially and were overly time consuming. After Nazi finished sterilizing the handicapped they moved on to Gypsies and people of mixed racial background disabling them from childbirth and marriages with other Germans.

By the end of 1933, and Hitler’s first year in power, Germany was starting to see the first signs of concentration camps. Over thirty thousand Jews were systematically arrested, round up, and sent to camps as an attempt to segregate them from the rest of the population. If there was an accused homosexual, the person was subject to trial, and possibly convicted to camps for anti-social activities. Jehovah’s Witnesses were targeted because their religion did not allow them to swear an oath to the estate and therefore, serve in the German military. Further political and religious enemies of Hitler were executed and arrested as threats to the
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