The Holocaust and the Cambodian Genocide: Similar or different? How about Both?

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Evil doesn’t even begin to cover it. The mass murder of millions of people. The complete obliteration of an entire society. Each and every genocide has the same core principles, but a distinct face. A dictator takes over a weak country with promises of returning it to its former glory, once he has everyone’s support, he implements extremely discriminatory laws and finds reasons to kill anyone who dares oppose him. The Holocaust and the Cambodian genocides are remarkably similar, and yet strikingly different. The Holocaust was an attempt to wipe out all Jews and other minorities such as gypsies and handicapped people. The Cambodian genocide, led by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, was in some ways a mirror image of the Holocaust, but it…show more content…
This fact strikes many people as peculiar because it raises the question, “If they didn’t care enough to let them live, why did they care enough to keep such meticulous records?” Such a question is very difficult to answer because the vast majority of the despicable things that these two sets of wrongdoers did are unexplainable. Some things may even be better left unknown. Despite having a prominent amount of similarities, these genocides are also very unique. As gruesome as it is to think about, one of the main differences is the reason for extermination. In other words, why the people who were killed were killed. The Holocaust had somewhat of a regimented list or criteria that had to be met before they killed anyone. Most of the people killed were practicing Jews who Hitler believed to be holding the German culture back from progressing as a society. However it is less common knowledge that Hitler and the Nazis also persecuted gypsies, homosexuals, and anyone who didn’t fit his description of the perfect race. The perfect race to Hitler was deemed the Aryan race (blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin) and the purpose of the holocaust was to kill the Jews and anyone else who might prevent the Aryan race from prospering (“Holocaust”). In the Cambodian genocide, people were killed for a multitude of reasons. One being that they opposed Pot’s new communist approach to running the government. Another being that they

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