The Holography Technology Essay

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Excusive Summary
The holography technology could record and display full information of three dimension objects by using interference and diffraction of light. It was invented in 1940s and develops to several types. For example, rainbow hologram is a wildly used technology on credit cards and currencies. Traditional hologram needs laser to reconstruct, but rainbow hologram only needs the white light, like sunshine. After this, people try to make hologram easier to reconstruct whereas the recording methods have not been simplified much. In the future, the digitalization may help holography go further.

Holography is a photographic technology which records all of the information that light wave affects the interference and diffraction of the object, including amplitudes, phases. After rebuilding, the image could be observed in different positions and as if the real object was there in the same way, which brings stereopsis to human beings. The Hungarian British physicist Dennis Gabor was the first person who invented holography occasionally in British Thomson-Houston (BTH) Company in late 1940s [1], and thus he won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1971 [2]. The BTH Company patented this technology in 1947 [3]. The first holograms contained the 3D object are invented in 1962 [4] thanks to the development of laser.

Process of Recording
Holography is a photographic technology using principle of interference and diffraction of light to record the information of…

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