The Holy Book, The Bible, Torah And The Qur ' An

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The holy book such as the Bible, Torah and the Qur’an suggest that religion has been around since the existence of man. Both man and woman have made an enormous contribution to the development of religion and both have believed in the higher power as the reason for their existence. With the distinct variation of religion man and women have different roles on their distinct spirituality. However, as seen in the society, men have the same superiority over a woman in religion. Major world religions have excessively diminished women to a degree seeing them as simple helpers of the men. In major religions, women do not have a voice in the place of worship, and they are urged to be subordinate to their husbands. The idea of women as helpers is…show more content…
Created from the same source, both having been formed from the ground, they were equal in all ways”(Citation). Plaskow clearly states that both man and woman were created from the same source, declaring that there should not a power struggle in the relationship. Furthermore, in the forming of Islam women were constantly involved. Dr. Ingrid Mattson states in the beginning majority of Muslims were females. They were the one that helped Muhammad spread his message. Mattson also says that “Muhammad the messenger of God, brought the message that Women are equal to men in their value...and the ability to submit themselves to God”. Mattson simply argues that gender does not contribute to how one is submissive to their creator, but rather it is about the awareness of the creator. Therefore the majority of religions claims that both male and females were and should be equal. They were both created from the same substance stating that no one should be above another and they should support each other. However this ideal is not practiced enough in our society, women are always seen as inferior and not deserving of major roles in religions. From the previous biblical era, our modern society “...the men want to lead, and they want women to follow” (Hooks 20). The idea of woman as followers is rather embraced rather than being rejected. Throughout various religions, women are not viewed in a positive light. In the early times of
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