The Holy Ghost ' Is The Second Part Of The Godhead Trinity

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The Holy Ghost Who is the Holy Ghost? He is the third part of the Godhead trinity. He is known as a teacher, comforter, advocate, helper, power and so much more. The Holy Ghost should never be referred to as an ‘it’. He is a person that we should all come know. What is his purpose? He came to teach us about God and Jesus, he knows them best. He comforts, helps, guide, empowers, advocates, fills us, and so much more. In essence He equips us for the journey ahead. He will be the one that will help us possess the Promised Land in our lives. In the Old Testament, the Spirit of God could not dwell in a person because of sin. They were in need of a Savior to pay that debt so that there would be no more sacrificing of animals. The Spirit of God…show more content…
However His presence even when silently moving around us cannot be denied. It is a love and power that will surely bring you to repentance and rejoicing. We are the temple that house the trinity of heaven in the form of Holy Ghost. This gives us power to be effective witnesses to all the world. We now have the ability to keep going and not faint because that power will always strengthen us. We are enabled to walk by the Spirit, which means we can recognize and understand what God is saying and doing in different seasons of our life. Holy Spirit is like a light that is always showing us the way. Guiding us in and out of life 's challenges with ease. He prays through us and for us to know the perfect will of God. So in the days to come be certain that your victory lies in unwrapping the total package. When you receive Christ into your heart do not reject the power that will equip you for your journey, Holy Ghost! The Importance of Walking In the Spirit In order for us to possess our land we have to do it by the Spirit of God. We talked previously about things being discerned or perceived. The Spirit of God brings heaven on earth for us by making the word come alive. God is Spirit and those that worship him must worship him in Spirit and in truth. Everything about God is spirit, we have to utilize him in our natural world just at Jesus did. Jesus not only told us but showed us the way to do it. Walking in the Spirit is not a mental know how, we cannot rationalize this
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