The Holy Land And Jerusalem

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Kea Braekman
The Holy Land and Jerusalem

David’s Tomb Final Paper

On June 1st of 2015, Israeli police had to use force to arrest a group of Yeshiva students preventing Christians from entering King David’s tomb. This was not the first time this sort of incident occured in the holy site. For ages now, King David’s tomb became a hotbed for controversy, international and religious tension. Even the people are fully opposite when it comes to reporting and explaining the incident I just mentioned. The Christianpost for example describes Christian worshippers treated unfairly by Jewish protesters trying to appropriate the site to themselves. Meanwhile, more conservative Zionist religious news outlets like the Yeshiva world news describe the unfair treatment of righteous and peaceful students protesting by the police. The article even goes as far as implying that the police has an orchestrated plan to remove all Jews from the site to make King David’s tomb exclusively a Christian site. More extreme perspectives can be observed as Rabbi Lazer Brody describes the event: “Earlier this week, the xtian idolaters tried to enter King David 's holy gravesite with their incense and crosses to hold their mass. These are the very emissaries of the Dark Side.[...] Hashem kindled a holy spirit in my beloved teacher, Rav Shalom Arush, who stood up like a lion to protect King David 's gravesite against the profane intruders. He came with a Torah scroll and prayed there. When the young men of

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