The Holy Land By Titian Gorlin

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Digging in the odyssey of a shy ultra-orthodox Jewish student who suspends his rabbinical studies to thrash around in Israel’s secular hotspots, Titian Gorlin’s puzzled film “The Holy Land” is a contemporary variation on the prodigal son. Bubbling hormones may have something to do with how Mendy adventure starts (Oren Rehany) with his rabbinical professor finding him reading Herman Hesse in class, and the professor even went so far as to suggest he go out have a one time visit to a (harlot) prostitute. The thought of a teacher suggesting to go see a prostitute, is mind boggling to hear He gives a reason that when men get distracted from studying the torah, they sometimes need to go find a harlot to get rid of all the lust. In this essay I will give an in-depth analysis of the film “The Holy Land”. I shall connect the significance of the events in this movie to real life data in the field. In addition, with giving my review of the movie I will connect its content to articles or, discussion related to the history of Israel and Palestine 's conflict. After listening to the advice of the teacher, Mendy is left puzzled after a five second encounter with Sahsa, a Russian 19-year-old prostitute that he runs into at a bar in Tel Aviv. His first encounter, sent him back the next day with a special gift for Sasha. But outside the club Mendy meets Sasha long time customer Mike who invites him to visit a nice bar he owns in Jerusalem. Thus after convincing his parents that a nice

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