The Holy Spirit

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The premillennial supposition is the basis for the article . The Scriptures foretells that after the rapture of the church a seven year period of unparalleled trouble will follow, known as the tribulation, according to Daniel 9:27. During the tribulation, incomprehensible sin will abound and then divine judgment will prevail. At the end of the tribulation, Christ will return and set up his kingdom and will rule for 1000 years. At the conclusion of the 1000 year rule, an outbreak of sin will be perpetuated and the final judgment for the wicked. Then the new heaven and the new earth will then be established for all eternity.
The third person of the triune God is the Holy Spirit. He posses the attributes of God Father and Jesus Christ. He is the personal unseen power and presence of God in the world.
The mission of the Holy Spirit is to proclaim overflowing love and world embracing communion of the triune God. God’s mission is calling the entire creation into life-giving communion through Jesus the Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit. It is in the midst of these distressing events the Holy Spirit ministers. It is clear that His work will be quite different than His present mission for the Church. The millennium dispensations the Holy Spirit will continue his work of regeneration.

Analysis of the author’s presentation The argument is the misunderstanding that people cannot receive salvation during the tribulation because they had rejected the

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