The Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit

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The Holy Spirit:
In the writings of the apologists, there were no distinguish a third person for God’s nature. They gave impression to identify the Spirit as simply the Spirit of the Father. At other times they seemed to identify the Spirit as the Logos, the second person.
As Justin stated that;
The Logos inspired the prophets of the Old Testament but also said the Spirit inspired the prophets. A few passages seem to identify the Spirit as a third person, some sort of created being inferior to the other two.
In one passage Justin identified “the prophetic Spirit” as a third being to worship, after God and “the Son of the true God,” while in another place he said that he worshiped God, the Son, “the other good angels,” and “the prophetic
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Therefore, Holy Spirit is doing the work of God in this world. It keeps the believer to hold God’s rule in this world.
Irenaeus trained that faith, repentance, and water baptism are all essential to salvation. He believed that water baptism is part of the new birth. Water baptism is necessary for salvation. It’s effecting the washing away, remission, or forgiveness of sins.
The Irenaeus’ theology of Eucharist gives meaningful thought about Lord’s Supper. He stated that;
In the Eucharist, the members of the body of Christ are nourished by him. Being united to their lord and sharing in his life and his blood. In drinking of the cup and eating of the bread, the believer is nourished by the body and the blood of Christ in such a real way that he can trust in his final resurrection, because the body and the blood that he has taken are immortal.”
When partake the Eucharist, it nourishes the participant. It is uniting the participant with God, Christ and the whole body of Christ. It gives the eternal hope to the participant. Here, Irenaeus emphasize the resurrection of the participant with

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