The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts

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The Holy Spirit and the Spiritual Gifts Natalie Barrionuevo Liberty University

Introduction Growing up in and out of church I have not only heard about the Holy Spirit but also seen the works of the Holy Spirit and the gifts that accompany it. The Holy Spirit plays a key role in a Christian’s daily life. God has given us this companion as a substitute for himself to lead and guide us on our Christian walk. With this companion comes gifts which we have the ability to receive through Christ to help us along our journey. Here, we will discuss the baptism
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Etzell and Gutierrez states that the “indwelling of the Holy Spirit is something that an individual experiences at the moment of conversion, and it is something that cannot be taken away” (Etzell & Gutierrez, 2015, p. 189). Even when I chose to turn my back on the Lord I found that I still had moments where the Holy Spirit would tug on my heart and make me rethink my actions in a Christ-like view. In order to fulfill Gods great commission we must have the baptism of the Holy Spirit. “When Jesus sent his disciples out, he promised them power” (The Greatness of The Great Commission , p. 09). Without this power we do not have the ability or the correction and guidance needed to evangelize into the corruptions of the world. For we are not capable of leading people to the Lord alone. We must do it through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. “The Holy Spirit guides the thoughts that should be thought, words that should be spoken, and actions that should be performed through intensifying a believers conviction to spiritual truth” (Etzell & Gutierrez, 2015). The Holy Spirit is often times linked with revival. “During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries especially, many communities experienced the outpouring of the Holy Spirit” (The Reality of Revival ). These outpourings have been seen since the time the apostles
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