The Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts Essay

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The Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts

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Robert Ortiz Jr.

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August 17, 2012

Table of Contents
Introduction 2
The Coming / Filling of the Holy Spirit 2
The Holy Spirit Speaks through Believers 4
The Holy Spirit Speaks to Believers 4

The Holy Spirit Works Miracles through Believers 6

The Holy Spirit Builds a Church 6

Conclusion 6

Bibliography 8

Introduction Jesus Christ’s work of redemption on
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He speaks through Stephen who faces those that belonged to the Synagogue of the Freedman (Acts 6:9); they are in total opposition of Stephen and his speaking the resurrected Christ. The Bible says in Acts 6:10, “But they could not stand up against the wisdom the Spirit gave him as he spoke.”
He He speaks through Paul. On very many occasions the Spirit is speaking through Paul and reaching Jews for the cause of Christ. Many are coming to know Jesus because of the boldness the Spirit has imparted to him and others like him. Clear evidence of the Holy Spirit manifesting His power through believers is Paul’s preaching in Damascus. Not soon after being converted, he has fully delved into preaching the word of Christ, knowing that he would face great opposition.
The Holy Spirit Speaks to Believers The Holy Spirit speaks directly to believers in order to guide and protect them.
The Holy Spirit spoke to Peter in Acts 10:19 telling him three men are looking for him. In Acts 11:12 Peter affirms that the Holy Spirit spoke to him. Peter is so confident in what he is hearing from the Spirit that he goes without hesitating. Bock says, “…with the description of going without doubting.”
The Holy Spirit speaks to Philip to engage the Ethiopian

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