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The Home Depot Introduction Retailing building supply stores have become a popular retail industry sector due to increased public awareness and the need of many homeowners for the home improvement products. Back in the 1970s, long before warehouse stores ruled home improvement land, do-it-yourselfers shopped at “home centers.” These 30,000 square foot stores offered cheaper prices and wider selection of products, about 25,000 more than local hardware stores and eliminated the extra trip to the lumberyard. The dependence of many of these retailers upon the homebuilding industry for much of their business has also been reduced and the warehouse superstores, such as Home Depot, have become more important. The smaller companies in the…show more content…
Much of the company’s success has been attributed to its superior customer service, along with low process and a broad selection of products. In 1979, they opened three Home Depot outlets in the Atlanta area, adding fourth outlet in 1980. The next year Home Depot when public, opened four stores in South Florida, and posted sales of $50 million. After opening two more stores and making sales of $100 million in 1982, the company was named Retailer of the Year in the home building supply industry. The chain entered Louisiana and Arizona next. By 1983 sales were more than $250 million. The company also began installing computerized checkout systems, and by 1984 inventory reordering was computerized. The same year the company acquired nine Bowater Home Centers in Texas, Louisiana, and Alabama. Home Depot then entered Southern California, Handy Dan’s home turf, opening six stores. The Bowater acquisition and rapid internal expansion caused Home Depot to falter and experienced the only dip in earnings in its history. Back on track in 1986, sales exceeded $1 billion in the firm’s 60 stores. Entering the competitive northeastern market, the company bought three Modell’s Shoppers World stores on Long Island. In 1989 Home Depot added 22 Stores, primary in California, Florida, and New England. Home Depot’s sales rose during the 1990-1992 recession. They opened more

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