“The Home Of The Chinese Race Is In Asia, And A Great Future

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“The home of the Chinese race is in Asia, and a great future awaits the Anglo-Saxon branch of humanity upon the continent of North America.” Diplomat Charles Wolcott Brooks, while meeting with the Canadian Royal Commission on Chinese immigration in 1884, Brooks advocated for cooperation between the united states and Canada in preventing Chinese immigration to not only America, but all North America. His rhetoric reflects the deeply institutionalized anti-Chinese racism in the United States. Anti-Chinese racism, throughout the mid-nineteenth century, emerged as a major political issue as the Chinese immigrant population rose in the western United States and instances of racial violence against Chinese immigrants occurred across the United…show more content…
Foreign military and economic intervention by European imperial powers created greater instability in China. Western powers, through an unequal treaty system, engaged in legal imperialism that gave them protection through special rights and privileges that gradually reduced Chinese tradesmen to a subordinate role. Opium trade, fueled by Britain, drained China of silver, and drove up the price of silver. Silver was the standard payment for taxes, but rising prices made tax payments an economic burden for peasants. The First Opium War, 1839 to 1842, resulted in the defeat of the Chinese and the signing of the Treaty of Nanjing. The treaty forced ceded Hong Kong to the British and open treaty ports to the British along the southern coast providing Britain with greater access to foreign trade. The emerge of western competition in China threaten the livelihood of people throughout the country and weakened China’s economic power in the region overall. New trade routes, commodities, and the introduction of western business practices affected many people in various parts of the country.
China, during the mid-nineteenth century, also experienced its own internal political instability. The Taiping Rebellion ravaged the southern provinces from 1851 to 1864. Originating in Guangxi provinces and spreading throughout southern China, the Taiping Rebellion resulted in an estimated 20 million deaths and

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