The Home School Link Between Home And School

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In order to improve the education of disadvantaged children, the existing gaps between home and school need to be addressed. There is a great deal of research evidence showing that home/school connections are beneficial to educational goals. Sanders (2008) reports that home/school partnerships contribute to higher student achievement, improved student behavior and attendance, and more positive school climates. DePlanty, et al. (2007) describe the findings of various research studies regarding the positive impacts that occur when home and school environments are brought together. According to the evidence, these positive impacts occur as a result of parents providing support, encouragement, and reinforcement
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There have also been research indications that school involvement is related to the educational level of the parents (DePlanty, et al, 2007). In addition, Christenson & Sheridan (2001) note that stereotypical attitudes among both parents and educators contribute to creating barriers between home and school.
The problem is particularly acute among the families of disadvantaged children. Parents of poor families often feel that they have more pressing needs to attend to than the education of their children. As Berger (2008) says in this regard, “concern about finances makes it difficult to provide for housing and nutrition, let alone concentrate on emotional and educational needs of the family” (p. 5). In addition, low-income parents often must work at more than one job, or have preschool children to care for. These are situations that interfere with the ability of parents to participate fully in their children’s education. Further barriers are created when disadvantaged children come from families of diverse ethnic, racial or cultural backgrounds. McKay, et al. (2003) describe various findings that indicate race might play a decisive role in hindering parental involvement in low-income urban schools. According to some findings, low-income minority parents are willing to become more involved but lack knowledge of the ways to do so. Other studies have suggested that persistent racial

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