The Homeland Security Act Of 2002

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Introduction Since the creation of the Homeland Security Act in 2002 after the 9/11, attack the department has come across challenges and criticism from the government and private sectors alone. Since the Homeland Security Act of 2002 it has been amended in carrying out the effects of the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007. The activity report has shown it provides a strong well-rounded and strategic foundation of the highest priorities in which it ensures the department will invest and operate in a producing unified fashion to make decisions that will strengthen the department unity of effort. Moreover, the department will continue to give support to the five basic homeland security missions and continue to support missions set forth in the first Quadrennial Homeland Security Review report on 2010 (dhs. 2014 p. 5).
Prevent Terrorism and Enhance Security Homeland security is the cornerstone of protecting the United States from terrorism. The United States has come two ways of providing significant progress of securing the nation from terrorism since the 9/11, attacks (dhs 2012-2016 p. 3). However, there is a terrorist threat that has evolved from the last ten years, continues to develop and change. With the founding creation principle of protecting the American people from terrorists and other threats DHS and many of its partners, internationally, and across the federal, private sectors and communities have strengthened the homeland security operation to reduce and defend…
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