The Homeland Security Act Of 2002

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The Homeland Security Act of 2002 Signed into law in 2002 by President George W. Bush, the Homeland Security Act established the Department of Homeland Security to prevent terrorist attacks, minimize any damage to the nation’s citizens, and reduce the country’s vulnerability to terrorism. In response to 9/11, the government, as well as the airline industry, has gone through many changes. As of result of 9/11, the airline industry lost a total of $7.7 billion. This paper reviews the reasons behind the making of the Homeland Security Act, the effects of 9/11 on the airline industry and the government, the purpose of the Homeland Security Act, and the aftermath of the Homeland Security Act.
Reasons behind the Homeland Security Act On September 11, 2001, millions of people witnessed major terrorist attacks that occurred in the United States. Coordinated by the terrorist group known as al-Qaeda, four attacks were carried out on that day which included large commercial aircrafts. The terrorists hijacked large commercial airliners and their targets included: New York City, the Pentagon, and Washington, D.C. but that aircraft ended up crashing on a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania due to the heroic efforts of the passengers. These hijackers went through airport security unnoticed, and were able to hijack four planes during their flights to their destinations. They used bombs and box cutters to threaten passengers and the staff in order to hijack the…
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