The Homeland Security And Risk Management Programs

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The Homeland security has been faced with a multitude of threats as the United States encounters new enemies as well as ongoing natural disasters. Regarding the topic of risk management lays an intriguing question. This question is how to appropriately coordinate risk management programs while acknowledging elements of focus in regards to different assets and the manner in which these assets are used. The homeland security uses risk assessments on all areas, which this paper will be focusing on, to determine how to maintain the condition of an asset as well as assist it in maintaining its overall goal. This paper will discuss how the Homeland Security utilizes risk management programs, how this program benefits resource allocation/ grant awards and strategic planning. The risk management program has significantly aided in the homeland security mission acting as an effective algorithm. Homeland Security & Risk Management The Homeland security agency uses the risk assessment to account for negative factors which may prove to be harmful to an asset. Given elements must be taken into account as well. For example, a company that may be operating overseas is more susceptible to possible threats such as terrorism, an unstable political system, religious or tribal conflict and even weather conditions (Decker, 2002). The Homeland Security directs, but is not limited to, these risk assessments towards the major private and public sectors it is responsible for, like D.O.E. or food
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