Essay on The Homeless Are NOT Bums

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Just because one homeless person has committed a crime or used the money he has collected on things such as alcohol or drugs does not mean that every homeless person is going to be like that. Many homeless people are Vietnam veterans, have a mental illness, or cannot survive in this economy which we are in. I have had a few experiences with homeless people but there is one which is unforgettable. It is much like when Nathaniel Ayres begins yelling at Mr. Lopez then proceeds to apologize later on (Lopez, 258). Most homeless people do not receive aid from the government or do not receive enough aid which is why they resort to panhandling. Seeing these many homeless people shows us how well our government is doing in protecting its people. …show more content…
Rather then come back to continue what the man had started, he instead had come to apologize for his actions. He began explaining how he had an illness which he could not control at times. He also explained to us how he was a Vietnam veteran and the amount of money he was getting from the government was nowhere near what he needed in order to get through his everyday life. He then offered to work to pay off whatever his actions had cost the store, and then asked if there was any type of job opening for him. Although this mans actions were frightening, they were also quit interesting. Many homeless people sit around lazily asking for money to buy drugs, while others try to find ways to make money to hopefully be given the chance to start a new life for themselves. Everyday no matter where it is that u live, whether u live around the downtown area or if u live in a richer, more nicer area, you will see a homeless person asking for money. Many people have no problem with pan handlers because they do not interfere with our lives in any way. Most people do not like carrying change around and hearing all those coins in their pocket smashing into each other with every step they take. When they see a homeless person asking for spare change most people are almost more then welcome to help them out. Not all people just give their money to homeless people though; this is because most

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