The Homeless Camp Under The Bridge Essay

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Austin is a large, yet still expanding metropolis from the great state of Texas; as many statistics show, with big cities come a considerable following of the homeless population. One of the first things that many people from tourists to new residents notice when entering Austin from I-35 is the homeless camp under the bridge. It’s certainly an eye catching scene, yet almost everyone forgets about it once it’s out of their peripheral vision. I, for one, felt dejected seeing such a somber scenery, yet when upon driving to a new vicinity, I’d forgotten all about it. Maybe it was my own way of coping with the fact that there were people who were and still are in need of help and I couldn’t offer anything substantial to them. Either way, as I’ve learned we can’t help those who doesn’t want to be helped. In this research I’m delving into the causes of homelessness, the reason why it’s so pervasive in large cities such as Austin, and how the gentrification happening in the city isn’t helping. I had several locations in mind when entering this research paper. The I-35 bridge was one of them. Another location was the ARCH shelter, as well as Mobile Loaves & Fish, a local, faith-based organization that hands out food to the displaced people. These places gave me a visual aid to how prevalent this issue is. It also gave me a look into the demographics of the population. Most of them were people of color and it didn’t look like there were many families. However, I didn’t look into the
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