The Homeless Population

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There are many avenues one could choose when looking for a way to give back to the community. I decided to focus on giving back to the homeless population. For one week, a group of church members, and myself went to the state of California to serve the homeless population in Los Angeles, and San Francisco in more ways than one. We started the journey in downtown L.A.. That first morning we were given beaten-up clothing, and sent out the door of the hotel with no breakfast or money. In partners we headed toward skid row to seek out a corner for pan-handling before meeting at The Mission for lunch. Skid row is an area of L.A. that most do not venture into. The streets are filled to capacity with many different people that all have one thing in common, homelessness. The filth is outrageous, and the smell of different bodily fluids is unbearable. There are no smiles, or warm feelings; it is survival of the fittest. The experience opened everyone’s eyes to the pain, and unseen struggles of homelessness. We were better equipped to help the people we would be meeting as the trip continued. At the end of the day, the money collected as a group was donated to The Mission. The next major stop was in the “Tenderloin” of San Francisco. This area was stricken by homelessness as well, but held a culture all of its own. My different viewpoint of this homeless culture may have been based on the type of work we did here, none the less, I noticed more working poor, open drug trade, and most
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