The Homeless Sub Community Within The Larger Gainesville Community

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Homelessness is an ever-changing issue that affects its member’s lives financially, physically, emotionally, physiologically, and even mentally. It has the power to completely alter the social structure of one’s life, as well as their connections and their sense of community within a larger community (Bruhn, 2011). Oftentimes, the absence of opportunities to engage with ones chosen community including cultural connections, or individuals and institutions in one’s local neighborhood can result in a lack of social networks, a loss of community attachment, and an absence of social support and relationships with the local community. The purpose of this assignment was to interview three members of a sub-community that has been discussed in…show more content…
According to research on the homeless population, a break in relationships with others, especially family members, is usually a contributing factor to ones homelessness (Bruhn, 2011). In addition, being new to the area, trying to afford a lifestyle of drug use, and having a criminal record, Interviewee 1 was unemployed and had no money to afford housing or any of his basic necessities. When asked how he would describe his connection to the community and its members, he responded with one, simple word- nonexistent. When asked why he felt a sense of nonexistence between himself and the community and its members, he mentioned the day to day interactions he experiences with those who are not homeless- those he described as being “unlike” him. Most of the people he encounters when walking down the street avoid eye contact and oftentimes start to walk faster when passing by him. When asked how that made him feel he stated he felt invisible and that he was an excluded person within the- someone who either did not exist or was viewed as not being on the same level as those around him. Today, one of the limitations in increasing our understanding of the homeless is our tendency to stereotype homeless individuals and generalize this stereotype so that they are considered a homogeneous category (Bruhn, 2011). We oftentimes make them seem as if they are a different species. In addition, not being a native of Gainesville and never having held a position in the
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