The Homeless Sub Community Within The Larger Gainesville Community

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Homelessness is an ever-changing issue that affects its member’s lives financially, physically, emotionally, physiologically, and even mentally. It has the power to completely alter the social structure of one’s life, as well as their connections and their sense of community within a larger community (Bruhn, 2011). Oftentimes, the absence of opportunities to engage with ones chosen community including cultural connections, or individuals and institutions in one’s local neighborhood can result in a lack of social networks, a loss of community attachment, and an absence of social support and relationships with the local community. The purpose of this assignment was to interview three members of a sub-community that has been discussed in class. The homeless sub-community within the larger Gainesville community was used for this paper, in order to explore and personal side of the homeless community. Each interviewee was asked the same set of 7 questions, however, the questions elicited diverse responses among the 3 individuals whom will be referred to as Interviewee 1, Interviewee 2, and Interviewee 3 for privacy considerations. Interviewee 1 was an older, Caucasian male in his late 40s who has been living on the streets of Gainesville for approximately 3 years. He is originally from Ohio and moved to Gainesville to live with family members in the area, however, after a long battle with drug use and other life circumstances, he was no longer welcome by his family and forced to
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