The Homeless Veterans Wandering On The Streets Of America

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My social justice topic is about the homeless veterans wandering in the streets of America. All around America there is numerous homeless veterans who seek for a better way of life. They crave for jobs, food, and shelter. All they want in life is to live the American Dream, a dream full of opportunity and wealth. In 2013, Veteran Affairs had an estimation of 610,042 homeless people recorded in the United States, and over 394,698 of those homeless people were living in shelter homes. This means that 215,344 homeless people were living in the streets of the United States. Due to the huge amount of homeless people in the streets it reflects how people see homeless people. Whenever a person sees a homeless people, automatically, they believe that, that person should and does belong on the streets. Only a few people have the guts and courage to walk up to a homeless person and ask if he/she needs help, or even listens about his/her story. I believe that once you hear about a homeless person’s story then you will understand him/her, and then that person who listened to that homeless person would care more about his/her situation, especially if it’s a veteran. The homeless veterans should be really important to the broader community because we as humans should help the people who want to be helped, and help them as much as possible. Out of the 610,042 homeless people that Veteran Affairs estimated, the 2013 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress in 2013 stated that
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