The Homelessness And Substance Abuse

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Homelessness and substance abuse are an issue for the U.S. and many other countries. There are numerous studies that articulate substance abuse as the cause for homelessness. Even though this may be true, this paper will explore how those who are homeless may be introduced to substance abuse once on the streets. While there is conflicting information of the cause and effect of both homelessness and substance abuse, this paper will give the reader the necessary information to conclude that substance can indeed lead to the abuse of various drugs and alcohol in many cases. It will discuss the importance of treating both of these issues together and the role that the church can have for those who are living on the streets and are abusing drugs and alcohol. This paper discusses various topics to support this claim by statistical research and research that has been given forehand by actual homeless individuals who have become substance abusers. Research has been gathered from various peer reviewed journal articles and textbooks. How Homelessness can Lead to Substance Abuse
There are unfortunate events that may take place in someone’s life, which can lead to stress. Sometimes a crisis or a traumatic event can come without any warnings. A crisis can be a problem that is too great for someone to handle, but it is not always bad (Wright, 2011). Trauma is the response to any event that shatters a person’s safe world, so that it is no longer a place they can feel safe
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