The Homelessness : Australia Is Described As A Developed Nation

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ypothesis: Australia is described as a developed nation. Homelessness a rising problem that is occurring in Australia. St Vincent De Paul is a Catholic organization that lives out the Gospel message and offers a hand to people in need. Vinnie’s have recognised homelessness as an issue that we need to address and we as a community need to work to shape a more just and compassionate society. 1. What is homelessness? There is no specific definition for homelessness, but it is a growing problem that goes much further than just not having a home or living in a safe shelter. It goes beyond that. There are three different categories that homeless people are put in: Primary homelessness is experienced by people who don’t have accommodation (e.g. deserted buildings, cars, under bridges).Secondary homelessness is experienced by people who move from shelter to shelter which includes living with friends or relatives. Tertiary homelessness is experienced by people staying in accommodation without their own bathroom or kitchen. 2. Methodology This report examines the work of St Vincent De Paul and one of the social justice issues it addresses, which is homelessness. In researching this social justice issue and compiling the information a range of sources were used including text, internet and peoples’ personal annotates ( if applicable). These sources included the information the organisation provided and objective sources such as the Australian Government bureau of statistics (
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