The Homelessness Epidemic

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Across America, we’re all classified by at least a category, and social class happens to be one of them. The homeless, being the lowest class is often looked down on. According to preliminary figures by the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH), in 2013, homeless Americans experienced a 23% increase in violence compared with the year before. Hate crimes are common among the homeless, especially in Florida according to, Huffington post. Cousins Jose Llano-Xolo, 14, and Juan Xolo-Merlin, 17 was using “self-defense” when they put a homeless man in a chokehold and stabbed him with a pen. In Seattle of March 15, two off-duty firefighters and a female companion attacked a homeless man sleeping on a memorial. Love, smiles and hope are the positivity I want to be spreading like giving change to the homeless for example, instead of discrimination, which is harsh. Nearly half of families in the US live below 250% of the federal poverty level based on the Hamilton Project. One mistake, even a penny short can lead people into poverty, even a dollar can literally mean a lottery win, because every bit counts, it’s either life or death.
Discrimination against women is…
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