The Homelessness Of A Home

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Having a Home People cannot be fulfilled without a home, because a home is a place people can go back to, a place that gives them stability, where people can have their own privacy, gives them comfort, and can symbolize something different. Without a home, people cannot be fulfilled, there are only places in which they can rest, but never sleep; there is no place that they can call their own. People with a home always have a place to go back to, they know that no matter what happens that place will always be there. With out a home a person does not have this; they would have to constantly think of the next area to go to for shelter. They would have to always plan ahead of time. With out a home they would not have that stability that comes…show more content…
For some people it is not the home that comforts them, but it is the people that live in it, their family is what comforts them rather than the home. For other people the home is a place that holds nothing more than bad memories that they want nothing more than to forget. For some people a home is not required for fulfillment, their home is just a place for them to sleep then go out and live their life, home is just a rest stop for them. There are many people who travel the world for weeks at a time, they sleep in run down hotels or not even in proper shelter, they do not go back to a home, but they still achieve fulfillment. Going around the world helping people who are less fortunate is what fulfills them. People who tend not to have a home have other ways of fulfillment. Then there are people who are minimalist who attempt to live on as little as possible, for them their home is bare and maybe small. For minimalist the home is not there to comfort them or give them stability, the home is just a place that they bought because they had to if they did not want to rely on anyone (Quindlen) else for
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