The Homelessness Of Homeless Youth Essay

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Homeless individuals can be easily detected in our society. They are the individuals dressed in drab clothing asking for money, the people sleeping on park benches in the middle of the night, and the people who we judge when they beg for money wondering why they don’t get a job. They are judged under a certain narrative that reduces the homeless individual into their current state of being (Lancione, 2013). To understand homelessness one should not only look at the current condition of the individuals but also look at the discourse of factors and events that led homeless individuals into their current states. Homeless youth although hard to spot are still very much a current problem in our society. Many youth fall in between the cracks of the system and are forced to find different ways to produce some sort of income. There is a strong stigma involved when it comes to homeless youth and many face dangers and a great amount of stress while living on the streets (Kidd, 2007). Many of the homeless youth find it difficult to survive and often don’t have shelter and are always hungry (Kidd, 2007). To support themselves, many homeless youth find themselves engaging in prostitution as a means of income and survival (Kidd, 2007). It is not enough to look at the current state of homeless youth but also important to understand the different factors that lead them to making certain decisions; it is no ones first choice to participate in illegal work. In my paper I argue that, the
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