The Homelessness Of The Homeless

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The homelessness of adults, teenagers, and occasionally small children is something that is seen in large cities on a daily basis. Homelessness in teenagers is a growing issue and makes a person wonder what reasons a teenager has become homeless? Teenagers are becoming increasingly homeless because of family situations that are out of control. From thirteen years old to seventeen years old they must feel safe and secure at home. Parents are there to help their children and protect them, but they don’t always succeed. Teenagers are unaware of the options they have for getting out of a harmful situation, yet homelessness has its dangers too. There are several reasons a teen may choose to become homeless. According to the National Coalition for the Homeless “Homelessness among youth fall into three inter-related categories: family problems, economic problems, and residential instability” (Homeless). All families have problems, but not to the extent of family problems that causes a child to decide on homelessness. The National Coalition for the Homeless also say, “Many homeless youth leave home after years of physical and sexual abuse, strained relationships, addiction of a family member, and parental neglect” (Homeless). On the extreme we have the sexual abuse of the teen that causes them to leave and be homeless. This abuse may last for years before a teenager may find the courage to get up and leave. Parents are supposed to be there for their children, but it’s apparent

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