The Homelessness Population in America Essay

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I. Social problems are those that raise a questionable suspense to issues that impact societies congruent to cultural normalization. The social issue researched will be homelessness and the impact along society. Homelessness is a social concern that raises issues for government officials, communities, and people along the community in so many ways. Every town or city is impacted by this liaison. In 2012 The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) calculated an estimate of at least 700,000 people enlisted as homeless in America. This has been an issue for centuries and is an everlasting effect that I feel will never change. What has to be accomplished, or better yet interpreted is, how communities can work together or come up…show more content…
These people generally sleep anywhere out in the community without a stable environment. They may live in abandoned buildings, outside of buildings, park benches building homes in woods, or any place that they feel safe and secure until the morning when they can get back along basics of the continuation of finding means of particular survival. B. Federal definition and Government Statistics: The federal definition and government statistics of the homeless fall under the aspects of the three categories defined also as “people who fall under the form of non-stable nighttime housing and result to form of living in shelters, hotels, motels, or other families”. This creates more social issue because it causes the effect of bigger households, a more unstable income, and enough income which effect to having families to result in more financial help from the state. For every M.N-3 family that has to live in these types of situations they have to build support. This means applying for more government benefits like Food stamps (SNAP Programs), WIC programs, and Cash assistance programing. Programs like these are much suited for the people in many different categories. Each of these takes a toll on the government, developing and building a stronger loop hole of poor communities. The homeless community is formed by many contributing factors in the
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