The Homeric Hymn Of Demeter

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Violently wretched away from frolicking in the flower fields with her, Demeter’s daughter Persephone is taken away from her mother and thrusted into womanhood. She is forcibly married to Hades, an agreement made exclusively by Zeus and Hades, and ushered into the underworld never to see her mother or earth again. The Homeric Hymn to Demeter is an interesting story as it focuses on a perspective most Ancient Greek stories tend to overlook, the female perspective. Distraught Demeter pines for her lost daughter looking for information and gets no concrete answers. Demeter has to cope with having to part with her daughter and trying to get her back. The Hymn to Demeter parallels a universal sentiment every parent feels when they must let their child go to live independently as adults. The Hymn to Demeter showcases Demeter’s coping mechanism which allows her to regain control of herself to finally bring back her daughter. The Hymn emphasizes the significance of the mother-daughter relationship and how it transitions when the daughter moves in to womanhood. On a deeper, more universal level it shows the inevitability of a child growing into adulthood and the emotions felt on both sides of the child and parent. shows how no matter what the child is no longer totally yours. The first few scenes of the Hymn to Demeter aggressively depicts Persephone’s capture and represents Persephone’s maidenhood. Persephone is “plucking flowers in the lush meadows-roses, crocuses, and
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