The Homestead Strike And The Development Of Carnegie Steel Corporation

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This book illustrates two events changes in America’s economic history, the Homestead Strike and the development of Carnegie Steel Company into United States Steel Corporation. The Author Les Standiford, describes the timeline and battles of determinations of Carnegie and Frick in the moral framework of Weber’s examination of the Protestant ethic which some people believe it gave moral and self-justification to those captains of the industry. This book views Carnegie and Frick as two supermen of that era of the Homestead Strike, two men that took America through the adventure of personalities and values, and they were able to succeed by coming together to transform base metal into gold and created the most powerful manufacturing entity on earth. Carnegie was the older, wealthier and more visible that held the higher moral ground. Henry Clay Frick was an essential addition to the Carnegie Steel Empire, because the Frick’s Coke Company was recognized as the largest coke making company. Carnegie developed the majority interest in the Frick Coke Company. Carnegie quickly came to the conclusion that Frick was a “Brilliant Man” and selected Frick as the president of Carnegie Steel. By the mid 1880’s Andrew Carnegie had built the largest integrated steel company in the United States. That main addition to the company was the required an assured source of coke as a key ingredient for the company. This book also illustrates the events and personalities of two strong men, so strong…
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