The Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution

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Scene 1 - News reporter explains the background information NEWS REPORTER: Good evening. Welcome to Hong Kong News Time. Tonight we are highlighting the Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution. After the 1984 agreement between China and the United Kingdom, Hong Kong was governed as a British Colony until 1997, at which time it was handed back to China. When Hong Kong was returned to China, it was governed under a “one country, two systems” policy. This means that the citizens enjoyed the benefits of a more open economy and a greater freedom of speech than their mainland counterparts. However, the system was supposed to remain only until 2047. During the time of the reunification with China, the citizens of Hong Kong were promised they would be able to elect their own leaders in 2017. However, in August 2014, Beijing backflipped, saying the elected chief executive would have to be approved by a Beijing-loyal committee, which would likely rule out opposition democratic candidates. Students then led a strike against the decision which was followed in September 2014 with one hundred thousand citizens occupying five main streets in Hong Kong to fight for the right to nominate and directly elect the chief executive. While the students were protesting for more political freedom, they used umbrellas to protect themselves from police pepper spray. The umbrellas became a symbol of the movement of resistance. The colour yellow has been used in the past for women’s suffrage and other fights
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