The Honorable Odysseus of Homer's Odyssey Essay

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The Honorable Odysseus


When Odysseus returned home to his wife and son, he took a very brutal approach to rid his home of the suitors who had invaded his household.  This revenge was also taken out upon the servants and maids who had been unfaithful to Penelope and had slept with the suitors.  Some may say this punishment was too harsh, and made Odysseus less than an honorable man.  However, Odysseus’s actions were justifiable.

            Indeed those who occupied the lord’s manor during his absence did so with no honor.  But one may argue that Odysseus’ method of punishment was far too brutal, especially for the murder of the ladies who had
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            Odysseus was a man of honor, a man who had fought in a war and won.  For such a courageous man to return home to find it full, idly standing by would not be considered virtuous.  In order to prove that his status of King remained a strong title, Odysseus had to purge his home of rogues, and fancy women who had dishonored his lady.  Such was acceptable at his time, and therefore considered common.  Odysseus’s sense of honor was vital in his role as an adventurer and a monarch of Ithaka. 

            During this time period men were brought up on the teachings of battle.  As they grew they were taught how to
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