The Horrendous Suffering Faced by Dave Pelzer

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American author, Dave Pelzer, grew up in San Francisco with his mother, father, and brothers. Dave’s mother was not like a normal mother, Dave’s mother, Catherine Pelzer, beat and neglected Dave. Dave also had 4 brothers that lived with him and his parents: Richard, Ron, Stephen, and Kevin. Dave’s father lived with them, but was rarely home. While Catharine did not neglect Dave’s brothers she did not deserve custody of Dave’s brothers, because of her abusive ways towards Dave (Pelzer). Dave’s mother, Catharine Pelzer, was the mother of Dave and his brothers and the wife to Stephen. Catharine was an alcoholic, who was also mentally unstable, and who by no means was in the position to care for children. Catharine neglected Dave to an extreme extent; many of the things she did to Dave could have easily killed him (Pelzer). Dave was no longer considered a child he was a slave, a child called it. Dave’s brothers Richard, Ron, Stephen, and Kevin lived with the family, but they were not treated the same way as Dave was treated. The brothers were treated as any other kid should be treated, they would be able to eat with the family, play outside, watch television, or do things other children would do. While their brother, Dave, was not allowed to do any of these things. As Dave’s brothers watched the abuse, they did nothing to stop it (Pelzer). Dave’s father, Stephen, was a firefighter and an alcoholic. In the beginning Dave’s father was home all the time, but as time went on

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