The Horrible Conditions in North Korea

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The events that have been unfolding inside North Korea for the past decades is absolutely undeniable, and one of if not the biggest issue that is going is the government's severe actions it is carrying out on its citizens. This issue is one that must without a doubt dealt by nations whether or not they have political alliances with North Korea or not because citizens are being dealt with some of the most inhumane conditions imaginable. The government has for many years over the past claimed that they are committing no wrongdoing and deny any reports at every confrontation they have with other leaders that their people are being subject to torturous conditions. North Korea since the end of the Korean War in the early 1950s has had its share…show more content…
Most corruption is believed to have taken its place since every major government official is not elected by the people but rather chosen by a committee in Pyongyang. It is obvious if any political rights are to be achieved in the future for the greater good of the people than policies must be removed or at the very least observed and carefully revised. Woman seem to be dealt with much more inequality then men do in North Korea in that those who are “under the age of 49 are not allowed to trade” ("BBC"). In turn many younger families suffer from since they cannot bring in a fair income to support for their household and that unfortunately makes it harder for the family to receive proper nutrition needed to maintain healthy diets. In the past whenever many citizens have attempted to express themselves in the public eye it is almost certain that they were violating some sort of regulation that was put in place or even that didn’t exist but they still end up being punished. Expressing your religious views in public for example is strictly forbidden in some areas and most of the time it is dealt with severe penalties such as sending those accused to forced labor camps out in desolate rural areas. “International human rights group Amnesty International has obtained satellite images of North Korea that expose some of its largest prison camps, where hundreds of thousands of people, including children, are believed to be kept "in horrific conditions."
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