The Horrible Conditions of Women in the Nazi Concentration Camps

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There are people out there that go through the most horrible things in life some people might have broken a leg permanently, others might have lost someone extremely close to them, but these women have been put through the worse things possible. Some of these women have been separated from their families’ drug off, beating, and even murdered. They don’t chose this kind of violence like some people chose to take that jump off of a bridge and break their leg permanently or chose to take that turn and lose their life right around the corner.
The Conditions of the Women
On the website listed that was found [ ]the website listed states” Jewish women were especially
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When you have been taking away from everything you know you are going to try your best to listen so you don’t end up getting in trouble but in the concentration camps everything these people do it is considered wrong so they are getting beaten rather they listen or not .
The prisoner’s meals
On the website found “” In (2006 C. Lisciotto and C. Webb stated that (The people in the camps were fed meals three times a day. They were fed morning, noon, and evening. In the morning the prisoners received only a half-liter of black coffee or tea. These liquids were mostly unsweetened. The noon meal consisted of one portion of soup measuring about three quarters of a liter, with an average of 350-400 calories. The soup was bad tasting and watery, with a flavor less meat, four times a week and the rest with vegetables. For supper the prisoners were given close to 300 grams of stale bread and something extra in the shape of about 25 grams of sausage or butter, or a spoonful of expired jelly or old cheese. The food value of the evening meal came to 900 – 1000

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