The Horrible Experiences of the Jewish People during The Holocaust

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We have all experienced darkness. We have all experienced unfair punishment. We have all experienced desperation. However, we cannot, even for a second, think that we can fully understand the experiences of the persecuted Jewish people during the Holocaust. Each prisoner had undergone sufferings personal to him or her. Due to the unfathomable torture that led to the desolation of the human spirit, most prisoners abandoned their morals to fight for survival. It is hard to measure when and under what circumstances this is “appropriate” or justifiable. I argue that the ruthless manifestation of evil validates the loss of self and therefore the loss of morality. For those that have survived the Holocaust, there are implications of the loss of humanity and face the test of readopting their humanity in order to assimilate into society once again. Morality is defined as the “beliefs about what is right behavior and what is wrong behavior.” It is a “code[s] of conduct put forward by a society.” Members of this said society adopt this code of conduct and follow it. However, when a group of people, for example, the victims of the Holocaust, is no longer members of the society because they are spotlighted as outcasts, they are no longer bound to the rules of the society. This disillusionment, however, is not enough to make the abandonment of ethics understandable. This is taken one step further in the example of the Holocaust. When this alienated group of Jewish people is not

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