The Horrible Human Rights Violations

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On the contrary when there were the horrendous human rights violations occurring in Rwanda with a genocide taking place killing thousands and thousands of people there was not a single country that chose to stand up and help. Either by providing soldiers that were needed to protect the people or by providing resources like food, water, health, shelter or sanitation that was needed by the Rwandan citizens. The U.N. even did not help and didn’t even take a stand against the governments of the other countries for not providing help. The only reason behind this was that Rwanda did not have anything to offer in return for the countries providing help. It is an underdeveloped country with no resources or benefits that could be gained if help was provided. There is no humanity in governments of countries. They are solely run by their self interests and nothing else. All countries later when questioned as to why they did not take any action the easiest way they found out of this explanation was that they did not know the severity of the situation even after multiple different pleads from the public to the countries as well as the information they were receiving from their respective correspondents in Rwanda. The U.S. in particular did not respond to the situation of Rwanda and when it did they clearly refused to even call the killing and murdering taking place Genocide. They believed that it was another civil war in a country which would conclude very soon without intervention. They
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