The Horrible Truth Of Abusive Relationships

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The horrible truth of abusive relationships Healthy relationships involve a variety of different aspects such as respect, trust, and consideration. Unfortunately, some relationships aren’t meant to be healthy and they often turn to abusive relationships. Abuse can be physical, emotional and or sexual. Physical abuse are seen in various ways such as punching, kicking, choking, and or any other form of physical violence intended to hurt the other person. For a person who has experienced an abusive relationship it may be difficult for them to describe those particular feelings and the pain that they’ve gone through. One of the most important and original poets of the twentieth century is known as May Swenson and In her poem “Bleeding” she addresses the important issue that is recurrent in society; she embodies her personal life and illustrates the theme of abusive relationships, and it lets us as the audience gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between an abuser and victim through the significant use of symbolism, form and personification. The beauty of Swenson’s poetry was brought through her bringing her personal life into the essence of her poetry. Swenson was never married however, In 1936 Swenson worked as an editor and ghostwriter for a man by the name of “Plat” who eventually had later became her boyfriend. Swenson commented in her diary “I think I should like to have a son by Plat,” But i would not like to be married to any man, but only be by myself.”
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