The Horrific Attack On New York

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Ma’Kayla Prince Mr.Funston Seventh Grade Language Arts 20 April 2017 The Horrific Attack On New York I have been assigned in my Language Arts class to do a historical event that has happened and how it has affected our world today. This topic has captured my attention because of how crucial people in this world have become, like how they want to attack our nation and why these people would commit suicide just to harm our country. Well, have you ever wondered what was one of the most horrific attacks on our nation today? Well, it started at 8:45 the morning of September 11, 2001. Planes came crashing down into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon at a speed range of 400-600 mph. It was only a matter of minutes when the city had realized what…show more content…
The Attacking Of The Pentagon You may ask what the Pentagon is, well according to “The Pentagon is the headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense and a five-sided concrete and steel symbol of America’s military strength.” The flight that had crashed into the Pentagon was American Airlines Flight 77. The hijackers on the plane were Hani Hanjour, Nawaf al Hazmi, Salem al Hazmi, Khalid al Mihdhar, and Majed Moqed. The Pentagon had been hit at 9:40 a.m. The Pentagon was finished being built on January 15, 1943. Some facts you may not have known about the Pentagon is The Pentagon originally was supposed to take four years for it to be built, but it took sixteen months for it to be completed and finished so a year and four months. According to “This speedy construction was costly, however: The project was initially budgeted at $35 million, but wound up costing $63 million, more than $900 million in today’s money. Another thing you may not have known about the Pentagon had occurred on its 60th anniversary of the groundbreaking. The fourth plane that had been hijacked was American Airline Flight 93 and it had landed in Somerset County, Pennsylvania when the passengers had tried to take over The Aftermath Of 9/11 After the day of the attack nearly 3,000 people had died around 6,000 people had been injured and around 250-300 people including hijackers had died immediately. According to National September 11 Memorial & Museum 9/11 MEMORIAL

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