The Horrifying Steps Of The Final Solution

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The Horrifying Steps of the ‘Final Solution’ Beginning in the year 1933, life became difficult for all non-Aryans living in Europe. That was the year Adolf Hitler became the chancellor of Germany. His anti-Semitic principles served as the basis of the Nazi party and its supporters. Although their ideas were opposed by many, the Nazis managed to carry out The Final Solution with the goal of ridding Europe of Jews, gypsies, Soviets, and homosexuals. One prominent figure was Heinrich Himmler who constructed the “Final Solution”: a written document that stated the steps needed to be taken in order to establish a pure Aryan race. This “solution” consisted of isolating Jews in ghettos, sending non-Aryans to concentration and extermination camps, and forcing them to undergo starvation, thirst, shootings, and extended suffering. The various steps within this document each served a different purpose and implemented a new kind of suffering upon the prisoners. New family roles were established and new outlooks on life and religion were brought about due to the scares they experienced. The Holocaust transformed the lives of many through the daily hardships in its ghettos, concentration and extermination camps, and demolished post-war Europe. The first place the Jews were sent, as stated by the Nazi’s “Final Solution”, were the ghettos. Ghettos during the Holocaust were located in small German cities. Jews were isolated from the rest of society as they spent endless days

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