The Horror Of A Horror Movie And Me

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A few months ago, I brought a horror film to life. The only difference between the main character of a horror movie and me is, the main character can run. Looking at the real world through the dream world seems impossible, but sleep paralysis can do that and so much more. The most terrifying night of my life started as I was just falling asleep. I could feel my body giving in to the night and my eyelids becoming heavy, however they maintained open against my will. To maybe shake myself out of it, I tried to force myself to sit up; seeing how my legs did not respond to my brains request, I attempted to try a simpler task, like moving my fingers. Nothing was happening, not a muscle would budge. I wanted to yell for help but my mouth was glued shut and my vocal chords had failed me. In less than a second I lost all control over my physical self. For all I had known, I had become a vegetable for the rest of my life. My heart was sinking. As if things were not already horrible enough, I began to feel an evil presence in my bedroom. When I looked up, standing directly in front of me was a girl who was staring at me so intensely, it was as if she was burning holes through me. I quickly recognized that she was no one other than myself. Everything about her was like me, even the way her lips curved slightly downward. Her posture and demeanor, however, made her look like she was demonized. Afraid for my life, I asked her multiple times if she was being possessed by some supernatural

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