The Horror Of Action Adventure

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The action adventure genre has long been considered the easiest kind of book or movie to sell. People believe that the similarities, which are universal throughout the genre and many times very obvious in the most popular books and movies, are just a product of the author’s laziness and overdone clichés. Yet action adventure still remains one of the most popular and most generally liked types. This is because the genre of action adventure fills the holes that are created, in our lives, by modern society and help people cope with its stress. The most affective of these are ability to escape the problems of the world, the feeling of making a difference, being able to become the main character, and the ability to sate the violent nature of humanity. All these things combined make the action adventure genres one of the most popular genera, if not the most popular, in the world.
The average person’s life nowadays has the same amount of stress as a patient in an insane asylum 50 years ago, or at least it seems like that to many. People have a lot to worry about nowadays -- mortgages, bills, education, job security, family and health issues, the dangers in the world, among others, and with all these worries and the stress that comes with them, they welcome the ability to turn off their brain and enjoy a meaningless story. Picking up and reading any book, or watching a movie, transports them to a new world free from their problems and their worries of the world. Action adventure
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