The Horror Of All Vacations

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I, as a second grade girl,had never smelled anything so foul or seen anything so gross. I could smell something decaying through the crisp summer breeze in Wisconsin. While going through the cabin, I found the most disgusting items and problems around the little cabin.Seeing the horrifying sight of blood splattered against the white bathroom walls. Cockroaches were scurrying around the wooden floors of the kitchen. Glass fragments all over the sticky, cold, wooden kitchen floors. I knew this was going to be the horror of all vacations. I knew that my family had a problem as soon as we stepped out of our red Ford minivan. This place looked like a tornado went right through it. Soon after getting out of the car, I smelled the…show more content…
We got into the cabin that we would stay at for a week, and the name of the cabin was Brown Jug. When we first walk in there were no doors, just curtains hanging from the hinges of the doorways for doors. My mom spoke in a sarcastic tone, “ Great privacy this place has.” Walking throughout the rest of the house, I saw the small dingy bathroom with plumbing coming out of the walls with holes everywhere and scum on the water on the shower walls. Looking at the mess in the bathroom, I saw the walls covered in dried blood. My mom rushed everyone out of the bathroom in a disgusted manner said, “ That is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen, even more than the hospital that I use to work at.” “No one goes into that bathroom until I wash it.” my mom stated. Soon after that issue everyone went to the tiny size living room which was about the size of a nice size store bathroom. Dad muttered under his breath, “ I wonder what else is wrong with this dump?” Sitting down on the uncomfortable furniture that was available for us in the cabin. When sat down on the couch that was so uncomfortable, whenever we moved around, we heard a crumpled noise in the cushions of the couch. We unzip the cushion and saw crumpled up pieces of newspaper inside instead of the foam that was suppose to be there.
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