The Horror Of Harry Potter

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68 languages, 450 million copies, 200 countries, 198 chapters, and 1,084,170 words, this is how the Harry Potter books are impacting people all around the world. Impacting people every day, the Harry Potter series and accompanying movies have influenced many people around the world. The author behind these books, J.K. Rowling, who was named one of the most powerful women in the world, is even more influential. The rate of children that read goes down everyday, but the Harry Potter series has been credited with saving children’s reading habits and encouraging people to read more. (Harry).The books have changed young adult and children 's book genre standards After the series came out, “series” books became more relevant and popular. (Lebrecht). The Harry Potter books have led its readers to be more accepting to others, especially more accepting towards minorities; there have been a few studies to support this. to be better people, and has even led to the creation of a new sport. In ways perhaps many do not realize, J.K. Rowling 's Harry Potter series increases acceptance, improves behavior, and broadens the interests of the readers.

The first aspect of society that the Harry Potter books has impacted is the acceptance the readers have towards minorities. There have been research labs to see if reading the Harry Potter makes people more accepting. The research shows that people reading the Harry Potter series have more accepting thoughts on minorities than others who

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