The Horror Of Horror Films

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Horror films are alluring to viewers for many reasons. Horror movies have longed to serve a purpose which is to scare and also provide stories about the dark scary side of life. People watch horror movies to get scared, for the thrill and most of all plain old entertainment. Three main characteristics of horror films are according to Maggie McCutcheon is scaring people into creating morals, Stephen King differs and says that horror films are made to let people’s emotion and fears rein free, and Tim Dirks feels that a film must have certain characteristics for a horror film to be considered “good”.
Horror films are not only meant to scare you but to also scare you into creating morals. Maggie McCutcheon discusses in her article “Too Disturbing, Too Shocking”, that the purpose for horror films is to scare you into having morals and it tells you how to act which benefits the society. This quote explains the purpose for horror films according to McCutcheon “Despite their gore, they are almost always moral fables about how to act...”, by telling you how to act they teach you main principles of what “good and evil” are. What she means by “good and evil” is that all the gore from horror films psychologically scares people into having morals and clearly see what is good from bad (1).
In Stephen King’s article “Why We Crave Horror Movies”, he discusses his view on the purpose for horror movies. In this quote he says, “… horror movies provide psychic relief…” which means that…

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