The Horror Of Horror Films

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The joy and excitement of a horror movie is such a great feeling to have. So many people ask why do people enjoy watching horror Films if they are only going to make you get scared and not be happy the whole night? That is something really easy to answer for example, horror movies are one of the genres that will make sure you got your money worth and you didn’t waste money on a movie that you didn’t enjoy. Another fact would be is that when anyone goes into a horror film nobody knows what to expect so that makes them way more excited with the feeling of wanting to watch the horror film. Lastly, the most important one why people watch horror films would have to be because a lot of people while watching a scary movie get a funny feeling all around there body and that feeling is not just physically but it also happens mentally. Everybody who spent his or her money on watching a movie at the theater always wants his or her money worth. Horror films don’t have a problem with satisfying there customers because whenever a person goes and watch a scary movie they end up exiting the movie happy because they got scared and they got to feel the excitement of a horror movie. People know that they got their money worth when a scary movie does its job and it doesn’t let you sleep at night or it makes you scared of being in the dark by yourself. That is a prime example as in why a horror film never disappoints because that is the purpose of scary movies to make people scared and let

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