The Horror Of Horror Movies

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It’s not often that a horror movie is able to surprise you in this day and age. After all, stalker-slasher films have previously been all the rage, as have ghoulish haunted house flicks. In fact, it’s not out-of-bounds to proclaim that the horror genre is in a bit of a rut in terms of creativity – though it’s surely not struggling in the monetary gain column (the majority of horror movies make serious bank due to cheap budgets). Still, a handful of scary movies have left a positive impression as of late – the most notable of which include The Babadook, It Follows, and Unfriended. While it’s unlikely any of the aforementioned films will withstand the test of time, they at least give horror junkies hope for the future – a future in which everything doesn’t’ look, breathe, and smell like something straight out of Paranormal Activity. Director M. Night Shyamalan (Signs, After Earth) bursts back onto the screen with his latest horror concoction, The Visit – starring Olivia DeJonge as Rebecca Jamison and Ed Oxenbould as Tyler Jamison. Rebecca and Tyler have never met their grandparents – since their mother, Paula (Kathryn Hahn), left several years prior to runaway with her former boyfriend (and father of both kids). As a means to hopefully mend the divide, Paula decides to allow the kids visit their grandparents while she is on vacation with her new boyfriend. The kids are excited to meet them and even decide to document their weeklong visit – as Rebecca is a young and
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