The Horror Of Horror Movies

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People seek ways to entertain themselves. It may be by spending some time outdoors, staying home playing with their siblings or playing games. For many years, one thing that has been an entertainment for people and it is movies. Movies entertain people and it allows them to hang out with friends; it even allows family to bond. Movies are ways that allow someone step outside their homes. Movies have different types of genre. Movies vary from action, comedy, fantasizes, heartwarming, romance etc. All types of movies entertain people, but the one that takes it all is horror movies. Horror movies allow friends to bond, helps face fear and it is best known for its thrill. How do horror movies bond friends? Horror movies are made to scare the viewers. Some horror movies are too gore which makes the person not want to see it alone. Going in pairs or even a group allows the person to feel safer. Having friends beside them allows the person to feel secure when a scary scene is on. Horror movies not only allow friends to hang out in the movie theater, but also outside the theater. After the movie it allows friends to go out to eat and chat about the movie. It keeps people wanting to talk about their favorite part and the part that made them jump or scream. A horror movie is the best way to bond friends. Even if the movie is infamous it is still a great way to hang out with friends. Horrors movies don’t necessarily make people go out to theaters to see it. People can easily
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