The Horror Of The Ripper

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During the 1880s Jack the Ripper took over the streets on London and created a fear that seemed unimaginable for that time. The Ripper took five victims and brutally tortured each of them. Since then society has encountered killers such as Ted Bundy, The Zodiac Killer, The Craigslist Killer, and most recently Steven Massof. The work of Steven Massof still goes more unnoticed than the notorious Jack the Ripper. Massof killed over one hundred babies after claiming they still had shown signs of life after being aborted and we still have shown nowhere near the amount of terror that citizens in London had encountered. Society has become less empathetic and has almost grown accustomed to seeing these headlines in the news. Crimes have become…show more content…
He brutally slaughtered and raped these women during 1888. People were terrified to leave their houses in fear that the Ripper would come. A witness stated in a newspaper article that, “There is another women cut into pieces,” and, “where there had been another terrible murder.” The witness clearly feared for his own life even though it was evident that Jack had a thing for murdering women. Citizens were terrified of this inhumane being and to the point that some would fear leaving their house no matter what gender they were. The environment in the streets were changing and it was becoming a place of fear and brutality. As humans, they acted appropriately and took life with caution. There was a terror that stalked the streets of England and during this time people had never seen such brutality. During the early 20th century people in America were experiencing the same kind of terrors. Slavery was a common practice during this time and often slaves tried to escape the cruelty they faced from their masters. Often times, they did not succeed in leaving and were caught only to be returned to their owners. According to witnesses slaves were beaten, “In order to frighten the rest, for it was clearly proven that if they had succeeded, a gang of a hundred more were in readiness to follow.” Slaves were beaten to the point to near death when caught and then returned to their owners for more beatings soon to come. When this
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