The Horror Of The Ripper

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During the 1880s Jack the Ripper took over the streets on London and created a fear that seemed unimaginable for that time. The Ripper took five victims and brutally tortured each of them. Since then society has encountered killers such as Ted Bundy, The Zodiac Killer, The Craigslist Killer, and most recently Steven Massof. The work of Steven Massof still goes more unnoticed than the notorious Jack the Ripper. Massof killed over one hundred babies after claiming they still had shown signs of life after being aborted and we still have shown nowhere near the amount of terror that citizens in London had encountered. Society has become less empathetic and has almost grown accustomed to seeing these headlines in the news. Crimes have become more and more creative with more victims; each crime being worse than the last. As a result of conflicts rising in society we have evolved and become used to the idea that people die every day and there is no reason to make a spectacle of it. Humans are continuing to change because of surrounding environments. Murders continue to appear around the world presently in the daily news and they have occurred since the 1800s, one being more tragic than the last. The real problem that we face is society becoming accustomed to these acts of violence over time, each being less threatening than the last.
Jack the Ripper was the first real major killer that became famous because of his crimes. He is notorious for killing a known five women, there could…

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